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Reliable Tree Services in Northern Virginia

Is your northern Virginia landscape looking a little overgrown or outdated? We can help. The professional arborists and landscapers at Elmer’s Lawn & Garden have the knowledge and training to correct most common landscape problems. Whether you need a routine tree service, have trees showing signs of disease, or want dead and dying trees removed, we will get the job done quickly, professionally,
and at competitive rates.


Reasons To Use a Professional Tree Service

You could attempt to perform your own tree maintenance and removal. However, that move puts both yourself and your landscape at risk. Instead, consider these reasons to hire a professional tree service contractor near Manassas, VA:

• Safety — Our arborists and landscapers are trained in the latest safety procedures and have the appropriate gear. We are also fully insured just in case an accident did happen.
• Waste disposal — We know the proper ways to dispose of unwanted landscape debris to ensure compliance with local city codes.
• Results — When you want professional-looking results, our trained local arborists deliver at affordable rates.

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Services We Provide

Tree care includes a wide range of services. These can be for routine maintenance, to address health problems such as disease or infestations, or removal. Here are a few of the most popular tree services we provide at Elmer’s Lawn & Garden.


Tree and Branch Removal

Certain trees must be removed to maintain a safe and healthy landscape. For example, there may be a tree whose roots are causing damage to your foundation or one that has gotten old and diseased and is now threatening to fall.

In these situations, our expert arborists and landscapers will assess the situation and remove the tree in the safest way possible. That means no damage to surrounding buildings or other landscape features. We’ll also dispose of any extra limbs, branches, and leaves from the tree removal.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

Elmer’s Lawn & Garden provides professional tree service near Manassas, VA, including pruning and maintenance services. Utilizing these services and providing proper care helps trees live long and healthy lives, giving you years of shade and beauty. It also keeps branches away from your home and outbuildings, so there is less chance of damage during severe weather. If your trees display any of these signs, routine maintenance and pruning can help preserve the beauty of your landscape:

• Insect damage or infestation
• Diseases like rust or blight
• Storm damage
• Signs of old age, such as weak or brittle branches

Stump Grinding

The stump left after a tree falls or is removed can be left behind, but it isn’t usually a good idea. That’s why we offer professional stump grinding services. Our landscape professionals can effectively remove the remaining stump, leaving behind a level and stable surface for new landscape features.

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Elmer’s Lawn & Garden provides expert tree service that homeowners can rely on to keep their
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